RA Trustvox

Verified Reviews Stamp

Certify your store and show more credibility in your customer's buying journey

More than 25% of the reviews found on search engines are fake, with RA Trustvox's verified reviews stamp your store ensures that the reviews are real, and proves the quality of your products or services.

Build trust and credibility
Credibility for your e-commerce and security for the consumer
The RA Trustvox verified stamp is a key point to differentiate your brand from other competitors and gain the attention of your consumer. We guarantee that every review on your site is reliable, truthful, and created by a real customer who has had a purchase experience with your company. Make the stamp available in the most attractive display format for your store, whether floating or fixed. The consumer has access to all ratings and reviews created by other consumers, with a single click.
Selo Credibilidade

Strengthen your brand's reputation

Avoid consumer insecurity at the moment of purchase by demonstrating the reliability of your online store, and the good shopping experience you offer

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