RA Trustvox

Rich Snippets

The ratings of your products directly in the Google search results

Increase your click-through rate and website traffic! Real reviews offer essential information for your consumer and visually highlight your store's product pages. Classify and organize relevant content, through structured data, and provide a more satisfying search experience for your customers.

Be easily found on the main search platform

Rich Snippets are rich snippets that enhance the user experience on Google during your search journey.

With RA Trustvox, the yellow stars highlight and differentiate their pages from competitors, attracting more qualified customers to the products it offers.

Rank your website pages organically with SEO

Improve the description of your products and offer exactly what your consumer is looking for.

This information is able to increase the click-through rate and decrease the bounce rate of your store, extremely important ranking factors for your SEO.

Microdata and Json+LD

Currently RA Trustvox provides the review markups in formats : Microdata and Json+LD. These markings may vary by platform e-commerce.

For the information to be displayed, it is necessary to configure the structured data, in order to organize its contents and facilitate the reading of the Google robot


We’ve prepared an article with tips on how to add rich snippets to your store’s product pages.

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Extend the reach of your brand

Increase traffic and decrease your store's rejection rate with RA Trustvox!

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