RA Trustvox

Automatic Moderation

Maintain your brand's integrity with review moderation made by artificial intelligence

Enable RA Trustvox's automated artificial intelligence moderation to identify offensive reviews, competitor terms, and separate product and store reviews at real time. Avoid posting harmful content to your brand and create a healthy community for your consumers.

Identification of reviews by product and store
Ensure that the consumer writes their review about the merchandise and the buying experience, separately. Avoid misinformation by disseminating useful information to better qualified customers.
Detection of offensive terms
Smart filters prevent the publication of any unpleasant or aggressive terms, generating content suitable for a safe environment for your website and for the consumers that search for your brand's reviews.
Detection of competitors
Prevent the display of reviews with damaging comparisons to your brand's reputation, configure your preference and in an automated way the names of competing products or competitors in the same segment.

More transparency and loyalty

Reach your store's full potential with RA Trustvox and engage new consumers with real, quality content.

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