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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trustvox?

RA Trustvox is a Reclame AQUI platform that collects email reviews only from customers who have actually had a purchase relationship with your company. In addition, you can display your reviews on the product pages of your website and also on your Reclame AQUI page (See how it works). With it you have access to a dashboard with all the necessary information such as submission settings, reports, lists and filters for you and your team to manage all the reviews and interact with the consumers.

How does the Trustvox RA opinion collection work?

This is how the collection of store reviews works: Collection: After the purchase is delivered, the customer receives an e-mail to evaluate and leave his opinions about the store and the product, separately. Analysis: Your team has access to all orders, customers, and reviews in the Trustvox dashboard, and from there, can extract and report on reviews. Publishing: RA Trustvox publishes your real reviews on Google, your website and even on Reclame AQUI, ranking your store even higher.

How to display reviews on Reclame AQUI?

The Reviews displayed on the Reclame AQUI page and on your company's website are true opinions from consumers who have had real experiences with the brand. The collection is made by RA Trustvox through e-mail and the reviews are displayed and highlighted on the company's page on RA, proving that your brand values the customer's opinion and positively impacting those who are searching for you…

Have you received an e-mail from Trustvox?

Share your experience with us and help thousands of consumers! Your opinion is very important for us, for the brands, and especially for other customers. So if you receive an e-mail from us be sure to rate your experience with the store and your opinion about the product or service purchased. Your review will be posted on the company's website, on their Reclame AQUI page, and also on Google, making the search easier for all consumers.

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