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Collect purchase experience reviews effectively and take control of your reputation

Display recommendations from satisfied customers on Google, on your store, and even on Reclame AQUI, to generate new conversions, build online authority, and even collect real feedback to improve your business. Use customer reviews to find out whether your organization's strategies are, in fact, meeting your customers' expectations.

Engage across all channels

Collect reviews by offering a unique experience for each customer.


Direct and simple way to collect, providing security to customers.


A quick and easy way for consumers to provide their feedback.


More proximity and ease for consumers who are already in the app.

Email Collection
We offer the convenience of collecting feedback through email. It's a direct and simple way to gather valuable insights about products and the company.
SMS Collection
Consumers can provide quick and direct feedback through text messages, making the review process simple and accessible.
WhatsApp Collection
WhatsApp collection allows consumers to share their experiences conveniently and instantly, directly from the app.

The RA Trustvox does all the Customer Reviews management of your brand!

See how the store review works:

Get Reviews

After the order is delivered, the customer receives an e-mail to create a review about the store and the product, separately.


Your team has access to all orders, customers and reviews in the Trustvox dashboard, and from there, they can extract and report the reviews.


The RA Trustvox publishes your genuine reviews on Google, on your website, and even on Reclame AQUI, ranking your store even higher.

Omnichannel collection

Collect reviews in your physical store as well, by integrating with the Trustvox API.

Join us

Understand how the RA Trustvox can help you build more trust and increase your brand's conversion rate.

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Do as other small and large e-commerce businesses do, and take advantage of the fact that more than 65% of consumers consider reviews reliable.

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