RA Trustvox

Product Evaluation

Show the quality of your product, avoid questioning, and attract more qualified customers

Publish reviews about your products and their features on your website and on Google, solving doubts of potential buyers at the moment of purchase, and captivating ideal customers. Get a powerful consumer acquisition tool, turning your customers' content into your greatest marketing strategy, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

92% of users trust consumer reviews more than any other type of advertising

90% of positive reviews influence consumers in their decision to buy

50% of increase in repurchases is generated by posting reviews on Google and on your website

More autonomy to customize

Collect and display reviews by attributes and reach optimal audiences for your product

Take advantage of the Survey feature to customize your review form with product-specific questions, and get detailed analyses to create more assertive improvement strategies. Advertise these recommendations to attract ideal buyers to what you offer, displaying the main topics of interest your customers are looking for.

Smart assistant

Take advantage of the feature that encourages your customers to write great reviews, in a way that is specific to your products and store, while automatically preventing offensive content.

Reviews with photo

Showcase reviews with photos and inspire new customers with visual content! Allow your customer to include an image with the review and publish it on the website after approval from your team.

Custom Surveys

Customize the collecting of reviews with specific questions about your products. Conduct satisfaction surveys and create more assertive strategies with your consumers' feedback data.

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