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Meet RA Trustvox: Made for you, the consumer!

RA Trustvox is the first and largest collector of real reviews in Brazil!

Introduced in 2014, with the purpose of transforming consumer opinions into reliable information, and improving consumer relations.

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Your opinion is very important for us, for the brands, and especially for other customers.

Your review will be posted on the company's website, on their Reclame AQUI page, and also on Google, making it easier for all consumers to search. So, if you receive an e-mail from us be sure to rate your experience with the store and your opinion about the product or service purchased.

We are the first and only specialized tool for real reviews, verified by Reclame AQUI

Every 4 seconds

a review is collected


real reviews generated monthly

Over 10 million

product reviews collected

The customer's best friend and your e-commerce partner

As the first and only review certifier in Brazil, we value the voice of the consumer and ensure the veracity of these opinions, always acting with the purpose of making sincerity the market standard in e-commerce The greatest value we deliver is the neutrality and impartiality of the information we collect from each customer after a purchase.

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